128. yellowish-purple

Take Alexandrian alum; grind it properly, and put it on a dish and pour boiling water over it; stir it for a time and let it settle. Afterwards strain off the hot water and agitate; then put in more hot water and agitate it; and place in [the alum solution] whatever you have to dye. Cover it and leave it for 2 days. After this stir it, let it settle and leave it there 3 more days, and after this stir it around in the same way and leave it another 8 days and agitate it not more than twice a day. Then take it out and put in more alum. Then make another batch of dye and put it in, and next take clean urine from good wine and healthy men and take this urine and clarify it once, and afterwards put it in a copper cauldron; and take the same murex and wash it once lightly in water. After this grind it, and put it in thin cloths and wash it down in the urine in the cauldron. After this take some pig's blood and rub it washing it also well in the same way. 1 pound of pig's blood to 3 oz. of murex. About pig's blood. After this wash once a little pig's blood and rub it down; put it in the cauldron and make it boil a second time, and a third, in the same way, namely, 1 pound of the dye, 1 pound of murex with blood; i.e., 9 oz of murex, and 3 of pig's blood.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 800