To dye yarn and linen cloth brown

Take a pound of wild saffron and put it in a bag. Lay it a day and a night in flowing water; thereafter wash it until no more yellow color comes from it. Take then a pot and lay a layer of saffron therein which is not too thick. Strew thereon finely ground weyd ashes then again a layer of saffron and again weyd ashes, etc. Cover or stop it up well, and let it stand for seven hours. Take then eight mass of water, four mass vinegar and put the saffron and ashes in a pointed lye sack (long, pointed sack?). Let the warm water and vinegar run through 15 times, and this will be the last dye. Again take the same amount of water and vinegar, let it run through as before, and this is the second dye. Do it a third time, and this will be the first dye. Take this dye and warm it, and let the yarn lie therein for a night. Hang it up once its wrung out. Do the same with the second dye, and in the third let it lie for seven hours.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1532