Another red dye

Take unslaked lime and pour rainwater thereon. Let it stand overnight and sieve the clear part through a cloth, and take for every mass of water a loth of brasilwood sawdust. Let it boil down by half. Add thereto a loth of ground alum, sieve the liquid free of the wood, and let it be somewhat hot but don't let the dye boil. Whatever you wish to dye should be prepared in the following manner:

Take the lees of red wine and put them in a sack so that the wine runs out and the lees become dry. Then make balls or lumps of it the size of a hen's egg. Let them dry in the sun. Then burn them to ashes, and from these ashes make a strong lye and make it boiling hot. Whatever you wish to dye, heat with this and let it dry. Thereafter pass it through the aforementioned dye.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1532