To make pearls which look like real pearls in all respects

Take the snail shells that one finds in water and boil them in wine until their black color goes away. Let them dry and scrape the black thoroughly off. Grind the white remains in a mortar, put it through a sieve, take egg whites beaten thin like water and put the powder therein. Make a paste thereof and form pearls out of it as you will, brush them well and let them dry. Place them in a pot , place the pot over a fire, and when the pot becomes hot pour them onto dry sand. Take thereto quicksilver and warm it, pour the pearls therein and stir it well, so that the silver adheres to them; then pour egg white on them and set them again over a so they will be well prepared.

Some however do it this way: when they have brushed the pearls, then they let the pearls dry, and then take them and boil them in linseed oil, and wash them in hot water.

Citation Type  Prose
Citation Year 1532