To remove various stains and spots from crimson velvet

Take vine stem ashes, make with them a good lye, the which lye take two bucklin full and put therein a loth of alum feces. Let it stand a while and then strain it through. Then take a fifth of an ounce of alum, a fifth of hard soap, a half fifth of soft soap, a quarter of common salt, a quarter sal ammoniac, a half-quarter celandine juice, and a quarter calf's gall. Mix it all together and strain it through a linen cloth. To use this liquid, then take wool shearings of scarlet and add thereto a little fine ground brasilwood, boil it all in this water a little, sieve it again through a cloth, and you will have a good red water which removes all stains. And whatever colors you wish to remove spots from, take the same color of wool shearings and do with it as has been taught above.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1532