Another Way

Six ounces alum feces , four ounces crude tartar, two ounces alum, one half quintin camphor, one half quintin dragon’s blood, grind all together very small and mix it well together. Then take six ounces ox gall and six bucklin of clear water, put these things all in a kettle, let boil down a third, after which strain it through a cloth. If you cannot get the ox gall or the camphor, the water is strong enough. If you would use it, take a new woolen scrap, moisten it in the water, and rub the spot or stain with it. When the piece of cloth becomes dry, moisten it again with the water and rub until the spot has disappeared; thereupon take warm water and wash the place where the stain has been. But for white cloth take the same water and add some soap, boil it, and do as before.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1532