To die a blacke after the common sort of the countrey women.

They take so much water as will couer the hose, or other cloth, but first they all to strike their hose or cloth, with swart of the grindestone, then they lay alder pilles first in the bottome of the vessell, and thereon lay your cloth or hose, and then pilles thereon againe, then lay your hose thereon, and pilles thereon againe, and then couer al with water, so let them boyle softly two houres space, & turne your cloth often therein, then see if it bee black ynough, if not, take new swart, and pilles, and use them as you did at the first, and so boyle them agine till they be black, then scoure and wash them out, and it is done. Some women do take (in steede of alder) plumtree pilles, some black thorne, and some yong oken pilles, and oke apples greene and so dyes with them in like case, or the tender shewts of bracbryers, or greene walnut huskes, all these are good in summer to die with.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602