To die a Crimson colour.

Scrape hard sope, and so melt in common water, and put your silke in a linnen or thin canuasse bag, and so put it into the kettle to the soped water, and let it boile softly halfe an hour space, but stir it oft for burning, then wash it in salt water first, and after in fresh water, for each pound of silk, take a li. or more of Allom, laide sufficient in colde water, & therein put your silk without your bag, and let it rest therein viii houres, then take and wash it in fresh water, then wring it, & put it in the panne to the crimsine colour, being wel stampt & cleane, tak 4 ounces, and boyle it with so much water as will couer your silke foure fingers aboue the water, & to each pound of crimsine colour, put too three ounces of galles in fine pouder, or in steed thereof yee may put in halfe an ounce of arsnick, which is not very wholesome because of the fume, nor the water thereof, and when it boyleth put in your silk as aforeprepared, and there let it boyle a quarter of an houre then wring it a little, and drye it in the shade, and so it will bee faire.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602