A good greene to greene Skinnes.

Take first and cleanse your skinnes, annoint and soke them well in cold water , then take the berries of the sap greening tree, and being ripe about Michaelmas, take & stampe them, and so let them rest 3. or 4 dayes, then put thereto of raine water a litle and then boyle them with a soft fire, stirring them stil, then if ye will haue it light green, put too but a little allom, and the sadder greene put too the more allom in the boyling, and boile it but a litle, then ye may fold your skinnes in the middest, and rub him on both sides therewith, and then with a litle powder of allom, then take ashes burnt of sheepes dung, and all over rub your sayd fels therewith on both sides, then rub him with the sayd colour againe al ouer, so wash it with faire water and let it so dry, but finely wring it out, then spred it, and cast of the foresayd thinne colour, all ouer the Felle, and so let him drie, and it will be a fine colour.

Citation Type  Leather Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602