To die skinnes in madder, called Ruba tinctorum in Latine.

First see that your skins be ready washed and wrung cleane, and so layde abroade, then shall yee wette it all ouer with the lies of white wine, wherein baye Salt hath beene boyled, and so wring forth that againe, then take the ashes of the shelles of Creuis, or Sea-crabbes, and temper it with the foresaid water and salt, and therewith rubbe your skinnes and wash them wel, then with cleare water, and wring it, take ruddie and temper it with the said lyes, and rub it all ouer therwith, & so with the said ashes, thus wash and wring it three times, if it be not then well, ye shall giue it a clouring with Brasill, and your Madder mixt together with the sayd water or lies, or that some tartar haue been sod in, which must be made warm, when ye lay your ruddle, so leaue it a night then put on your Madder, mixt with Allom, or lies, or allom Catiuum steeped in water, also you may ad unto it, the sheering of scarlet taken out of the boyling lye, which is also good.

Citation Type  Leather Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602