For to currie a raw Gote skinne.

Take a gotes skinne raw, and put it in warme water, and let it rest there a daye, then scrape and clense it very cleane, and take away all the filth thereof, and to finishe it, take water, and set it ouer the fire, and put therein a handfull of fatte, and four ounces of roche Allum, then styrre all together till it begin to boyle, then set it from the fire, and let it rest till it be cold, then take an egge, and beate it with a little Oyle oliue, this done put your gotes felle in the saide water, and stirre it well all about with your hands three or foure times, and so it shall bee in good case and well curried.

Citation Type  Mordant/Preparation Recipe
Citation Year 1602