To colour curried skinnes greene, or felles to couer Bookes.

Take the buds of white and blacke thorn, which ye must gather in the moneth of August, when they begin to waxe ripe and blacke, put them in a wel leaded pot, the space of Tenne dayes, then put thereto foure ounces of Allom, & boyle them together well, then put it into a powdring vessell of Beefe or Porke, and close it well that it take no wind, then set it a little in the sunne, and when ye would colour therewith, take a little of the sayd colour, & mixe it with some lye, and warme it, and then strike it on the skins, and ye shall see a faire colour. Also take Lincaile, or canker of Latine, hony, and mixe them together in like and put thereto pisse, so much that it may take colour, and also staine the skinne, and then drie it in the shade.

Citation Type  Leather Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602