To dye Fustian grey.

First lay your fustian to soke the space of 3. Houres, then to viii. Elles of fustian, take two ounces of broken gals, and put them into warme water, then put your gall water into another fat, with eight quarts of fresh water, then lay your fustian therein, and stir it well with your hands therin, tosse it wel, and wring it forth well, & lay it therein again one houre & so wring it wel forth, then put it into the black die, and lay it therein another houre, so wring it well, then scoure it in faire riuer water, and then put it into your gal water, and then the black die, then scoure it and drie it, so burle it and dresse it up, and so it is done.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602