To guild on Leather.

Ye shall ouerstrike your Leather thrise with whites of egges, and gumme water, the lay your gold theron, and licke it well and faire, or the yolkes of hard rosted egges, mixt with gumme water and ground, the red and the gray skinnes ye may vernish them, take a flat bason, and put fire under, and spread the Felles thereon, and strike varnish also ouer the skinnes, where it is coloured, but afore you strike your Felles, strike it warme on the Bason, and then let it drie, then smooth the colour all ouer euen, and when it is drie, then licke it or burnish it with a tooth, and as ye will haue it faire, so take an end of a tallow candle, and rubbe it on your arme, from the hand to your elbowe, then strike it all ouer with that part of your arme, and it is done.

Citation Type  Leather Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602