To make leather red.

Take an ounce of allom & melt it in a gallon of water, then take a calfes felle, & spread it on a frame, so let it be rubbed all ouer with allom water first, then incontinent ye shall strike it all ouer with brasill water, and let it so drie in, and then strike it all ouer againe, and so let it dry in like, but the color or die must be made warme alwayes, when ye rub thereon. But first ye must make it weat with cold water, and wring it againe out, and then straine it forth on a bord, and so ye may use it.

The foresayd brasill water, ye shall make thus. Take three gallons of raine water, and put therein foure ounces of brasill woad made in powder, and halfe an ounce of Wey ashes, called Sope ashes, with a little saffron. Then seeth it so long till the third part be wasted. Then cleanse that out, and the pot with raine water againe, and let the halfe seeth away. Then is the strength all out, and with this last water ye shall colour first, and with the first water, ye shall die or colour last.

Citation Type  Leather Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602