A light red dye for Skinnes.

To die a faire light red, take 14 drie skinnes as they come from Antwerp, and put them in the riuer, or in water two daies, and two nights, then take them out of the said water, and put into a fat, a Kettle full of unquenched lyme or chalke, and put so much water thereto, as the felles may wellbe couered therein, then stirre them well with a staffe al together, and put your felles therein, then turne and tosse them wel, if it be in the summer, it shal be ynough to lye therein eight days, & ye must each 2 daies see unto them, if it be in the winter, they must lye therein a moneth, then take your felles out, and hang them again in the foresaid riuers or water three dayes, & three nights, then after wash them well in a tubbe with luke warme water, and stampe them with your feete, then after wash them again in the riuer water as aforesayd. And hang a kettle ouer the fire with faire water, and therein put 4. pound of Allom, and when it is molten in the water, seething hot, putting in so much water that it may be no hotter, but your hand may suffer therin without scalding, then set it from the fire, and put your Felles therein and stirre them well with your hand, so let it rest a day and a night, but as ye goe to bed you shall stir them once well, then after take your Felles forth, & wring the water well out, and as your Felles doe waxe somewhat drie, ye must weat them againe: then take 4 pottles of pisse that is stale, hang it ouer the fire in a pan, let it seeth wel, & scum it clean so long as any scum wil rise, then put in a pot ful of beaten lacke, and let it therein seeth a little, and put therein so much Allom as a hasel nut, & giue it therewith a boyling, then set it from the fire, and let it so rest till it be cold to suffer your hand therin, then put a glasse ful thereof in your felles which be readie sowd like a sacke, & hold it too aboue, & with your other hand hold under, and shake it up and down as you would bolt meale, doe thus so long til the color hath well taken the leather, then turne your fels about, but if it be faire ynough let it so be, if it be not faire ynough, put of your sayd substance againe another halfe glasse therein, and stirre it about as before, and then rippe your felles, and hang them to drie in some hye loft. And as they be drie, so take and lay them a night in a fat with water, & next day taw them on a sharpe tawing yron, untill they be all workemanly done, then they are well.

Citation Type  Leather Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602