To make a faire sanguine dye.

Take upon each elle of linnen, sixe galles beaten into powder, and then take three gallons of water put into a tubbe, and put the powder of the galles thereto, and stir them well together, then lay your linnen therein, and turne and wend it wel. Then take and wring it dry out, then let it lye therin againe two houres long, but at each houre ye must wring it, as before, and lay it therin again in the tubbe, and as it hath layne two houres, & so wrung out, then take an ounce of Allom, of the best, and three gallons of water in a Kettle, & make it well and hot readie to seeth, till all be wel molten, then set it from the fire, and put your linnen therin, & do it as ye haue done before againe two houres long, then after that take a pan, and put therein two gallons of water, and warme that like the other, then take three ounces of brasil, and cast it therin, againe, let it seeth a quarter of an houre, then take a good quart of water, and cast it therein seething, and take a quart of that die, and lay your linnen therein sixe or vii paternosters long, so that yr dye be drunke all in the said cloth, then wring it forth and handle it well, then lay the cloth againe, in that dye, tosse it, and turne it and wend it well therein, and let it lye therein so long as aforesayd, and so wring it out, then take the third colour and lay it therein, and let it lye therein a quarter of an houre, and so it will be well.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602