To make a blew.

Take three parts of Sope ashes, and one part of unquenched lyme, and make a lye thereof, and then let it cleare, then straine it through a thicke cloth, and ye shall take xv quarters of the said lye, and put thereto a pound of Bloemen (so called in Dutch) then stirre it all well together with a staffe, and warme it ouer the fire, so that you may not scant suffer your hand therein, but first your cloth must be sod in Allom, and also dryed, then put in the warme dye, two or three times, then water, if yee will haue it blacke or light colour, so ye may use it, but before all thinges your dye must be warmed, ere ye dye or color therewith.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602