To dye blacke Veluet or Linnen.

Take of gals and coperas, & seeth them together, and put your linnen therein, if it be gray silke, then take of Elder barks, and old yron, and put all in a herring barrell or vessell. Then take gruis or swarte, this shall be a third dele [part] of the fat, the other two parts shalbe faire water, so let it stand three weekes long, & so stir it often well about, and put your gray silke therein, and as this is done, so shall ye hang it to drie, and so put it in againe, so often till that it be blacke ynough. In stead of galles ye may take barkes of Oke, and Shomakers blacke.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602