A red to dye with Crampmede.

Take a pound of Crampmede, to three elles of linnen, and take a faire pot with water, and set it by the fire till it be readie to seeth, and put therein two ounces of gals, and let them so seeth together, and then put your linnen therein, and take it sometimes out and in, and at each time wring it well out. Then take a faire pot with faire water, and make it seething hot, then put therein an ounce of Allom, and so let it seeth well, then put your cloth in as aforesayd. Then take another pot of water, and let it seeth therein till it be red, then take that cloth out, and clense it all about with a cloth. If ye will haue it more darker, then must ye haue a lye of unquenched chalke, with a like dye: men with woad ashes do make a red dye or colour, without unquenched lime, in hauing woad ashes in stead of unquenched lime.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602