Blue buckeram to dye.

Take three pound of gruis of Turwin (so called in dutch) and a pound of Mede, a pound of Floray, and to three pound of Sope ashes, take lx quartes of water, & first yee shal put your Floray into a faire fatte, and put thereto ten quarts of water and stirre it well al togither, this must be so hote that ye cannot suffer your hand therin, in the other water ye shall put the gruis, with the ashes and Mede, and that put together, & so stand, which ye shall stirre xii houres long, and waxing a blew, so ye may worke with it. If it be not blew ynough, so let it stand couered, xx. houres long.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602