To make a fayre brasill colour, to work on cloth or paper.

Ye shall take a faire potte and put therein a pound of chalke small broken, and put thereto a pottle of good Vineger, and stirre it well togither: then let it stand a day and a night, then poure the clearest into a faire panne, & see that no chalke goe therein, then take two parts of the said lye and put it into a faire pot, and set it ouer the fire, and seeth it fiue nosters long, and then take it from the fire, and put the liquor into a faire pan, and ye shall put thereto xiii ounces of allom, & stirre it wel with a staffe, then take the other part & put it to the said brasill wood, the which ye haue changed, and let it there seeth as aforesaid, and then put that liquor into another panne, and put thereto xiii ounces of Allom, which ye shall stirre so well as aforesaid, and when ye haue tost it long, put it then to the other and stirre it well: and as ye will haue it drie, take a panne and fill it full and set it in the wind viii dayes or more, and there let it dry, and as it is faire yee may worke therewith.

Citation Type  Pigment/Paint Recipe
Citation Year 1602