How to dye a faire Linnen with brasill.

Yee shall take so much linnen as ye will, and to euery elle of linnen, take two ounces of gall nuts, or xii nuts: these nuts yee shall breake in twoo or three peeces, then put them into a kettle with water, and let them seeth together, and when they haue sod a quarter of an houre or lesse, then take it from off the fire, and take your cloth foorth thereof, and let it a little soake by, but let it not drie. As ye haue thus sod it, ye shall take another kettle with faire water, and put it ouer the fire and make it seething hote, then shall ye to euery elle of cloth, take twoo ounces of Allom which ye shall put in the said water, & as it is melted, yee shall take the foresaid cloth and put it into the said kettle to the Allom and let them seeth together a quarter of an houre, then take it forth of the kettle and wring it a little, then hang it to drie a little, but not too much. Then yee must haue your sod brasill as thus: ye shall take lye made of wood ashes, but see it be not too strong, and thereof so much in your panne as wil make your cloth weat, then put your brasill into the pan with the lye, and so let it seeth a quarter of an houre, then set it from the fire, and haue ready an earthen panne, and by and by put your liquor and brasill therein, then shall yee put your foresaid cloth therein, and stirre it & turne it well therin, but see that it be not too dry of the said Allom that it hath been sod with. Also to foure gallons of lye, ye shall put lesse then halfe a pound of brasill poulder small beaten.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602