A faire linnen cloth to dye blewe.

For to dye a faire blew, ye shal take a pan of faire water, and hang it ouer the fire, & let it be seething hot, then must ye haue a vessell of halfe an Ame, so cald in dutch, or thereabout, & as your licor is hot, put thereto 3 pound of wheat bran, & 3 pound of ashes, and a pound of greening weede, stir all this in the pan, & let it seeth 3 or 4 paternosters long, then take of floray under halfe a pound, & soke it in faire water, & let it there rest a quarter of an houre couered, then take your clean vessel or Ame, & therein put your soked floray, then take the hot licor ouer the fire, but let it coole ere ye put it into the fatte, then put it in and stirre it well, & so couer it wel and close, and let it so rest sixe houres long, then uncouer it & stirre it well about a good while, then couer it close againe, & let it rest other vi houres, then uncouer it & stir it as before, & so stop it again, then uncouer it within 2 or 3 houres, and looke if the die begin to come, or begin to wax greene [Ed.note: in original, phrase here added: "Or if the scum from the bloom begins to appear"], if they do not, let it rest longer and stoppe it close, if ye see it be come, put therein some of your cloth that ye would die, and turne it well therein, then wring it out, and let it rest 2. or 3. houres: then put in again your cloth, & use it as aforesayd, and so stop it wel again, and let it rest so 2 or 3 houres, till ye shall see the dye begin to come, and the flower to lye aboue, & to euerie going that ye goe thereto, see if the colour be green ynough, or wax green, and when ye shall see it so, ye shal scom off the flower with a dish, and then put your cloth again therein, stirre it wel, and wring it forth, then stop it again wel, and thus ye must color three or four times a day. Then must ye take the dye in the vessell, and hange it ouer the fire againe, and there let it bee hot, and put therin two pound and a halfe of ashes. Then put it in the fatte, and so let it rest, but stoppe it well and close, so let it rest a night, but stirre it once in the night with a staffe, & see in the morning if the die be come, as aforesayd, & so put in your cloth againe, but let it not lye therein too long, that it coole not the die, and as yee haue thus dyed it foure times. Then shall ye make it hot agayne ouer the fire, putting therein two pound of pot ashes, & so let it rest all a night, & stirre it once in the night as aforesaid, and stoppe it close, and when yee goe thereto, see if the dye be come, and if it be come, yee may dye, as before, what yee thinke good, and when your colour waxeth a faire green, then is your die good and ripe, and the flowers will lye faire aboue, but as it beginnes to waxe yealow, then is it too ripe: and then must yee put in more cloth.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602