To make a faire yealowe.

To make a yealow, that ye may worke with oyle, or water, ye shal take woad, so much as ye shall please, and let it stand to soke a night and a day in lye made of soape ashes, & when it is thus soked, then shall ye seeth it, & couer it close so long as it seeth, thus done, then set it from the fire, & put that liquor into another pan, & so straine it thorough a clean cloth, then take the pan and poure the thinnest aboue off, so long till ye see the die undercome withal, then take the foresayd cloth, & straine it againe thorow it, into another pan so long as ye thinke the substance of the woad doe tarie in the cloth, til ye thinke that that water is thin ynough to staine, and then ye may use it.

Citation Type  Pigment/Paint Recipe
Citation Year 1602