To dye faire linnen with brasill.

Ye shall take faire water, and heate it ouer the fire, then shall ye haue the powder of galles, and put thereof into the Kettle ouer the fire, and so let it seeth a quarter of an hower: then take it from the fire, and take another vessell and put therein so much cold water, as of the other in the kettle, and put that hote in the Kettle thereunto. Then put your cloth therein, and stirre it well up and downe therein, and as ye haue done so a while, then let it lye therein foure houres long in that gall water, then take your kettle againe with other faire water, and set it ouer the fire and make it hote, then put allom therein to the Kettle ouer the fire, and as that water is hot, and the allom melted, yee must then haue another vessell or fatte with cold water, as much as of the other hote water, and put the Allom water therein, then put your cloth therein, and stirre it as aforesayd, and so let it then lye therein foure houres long, so done, then yee shall wring it out and hange it to drie, or to drie in the ayre, but let it not bee too drie. Then shall ye take your brasill made in powder, and put it in the panne, and so let it seeth therein, the quarter of an houre, and before that brasill doe seeth, ye shall take wheat flower, & put therein, mixe it all together well in a dish, and put it into the kettle before it doe seeth: thus done, let it seeth, and as it hath sod, then take forth so much of the brasil, as ye may put in your cloth, and stirre it well about, as is afore declared, thus done, let your cloth rest therein a good while, then wring it forth, and hang it to dry, & as it is dry, ye shall take that liquor that it hath layne in, and put that away, then take againe so much brasill as before, and put that cloth therein againe, and then hange it to drie, and as it is drie, then put it in another licor, and hang it againe to drie, and then it is full done. And to know the quantitie of weight, which is, to euerie elle of linnen cloth, ye shall take a loot of gall powder so called in Dutch, & as much of allom, and to each elle of cloth one ounce of brasill.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602