To dye with brasill as red as a Rose.

Take sixe elles of linnen, and thereto halfe a pound of beaten galles of the best: then put it in faire water, and let it seeth about two houres, but the galles should rather be all whole, and when they are sodde, set it from the fire, and put it gently in another Kettle or fatte, and then put your linnen therein, as hote as you may handle it, and stirre it therein foure houres long, that done, then wring it well foorth, and hang it to drie. Then take four ounces of Allom, and seeth it with water, and when it is sod, take it from the fire, and put your galled cloth therein, as hote as ye may suffer it, the space of a quarter of an houre, then take your branne water and put thereof in a Kettle, and as it is warme, put therin two pound of grening weede, let it be the first time soke well therein, and let it be well and hote, but not seeth, and then put your cloth therein, and stir and handle it well at the first with your handes, nye half an houre with a staffe tost well all about, and wel handled in the die, and then ye shall take your cloth, and spoonge it in water and wash it cleane. Then take a little Allom, and seeth it with water, then shall ye haue two ounces of brasill sodde in light water, and put your cloth therein, fiue pater nosters long. Then if it be not drie ynough, then weat it as before is sayd.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602