Againe to dye woolen yarne.

As ye will dye woollen yarne that is greene, your yarne yee shall first seeth in branne water, which is to understand, to foure pound of yarne, ten ounces of allom, and let it seeth two houres, then wring that out, and put it in the dye thus made. To foure pound of wooll yarne take two pound of woad, and seeth the woad well with hearth ashes, in lye made a day before, so let it seeth the fourth mark of an houre, then put the cleere into a cleane fatte or vessell, then take the fourth part of an onnce of spanish greene, called Verdigreace, poulder it well & cast it therein, and stirre it with a sticke or staffe, then put in your yarne, so turne and tosse it therein the fourth part of an hower, and then let it drie. If it bee not faire ynough, then put it in againe, and do as before.

Also as ye would dye blew woollen yarne, yee shall put it first in warme water, then wring it foorth and dye it blew, as it is aforesayd.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602