To dye woollen yarne, or cloth.

To make this dye, put to foure pound of woollen yarne or cloth, two pound of woad. Put this woad in a kettle, and cast therein of faire water, then cast againe halfe a tin dish full of ashes out of the fire, and as soone as it seethes, put your woollen yarne therein, then let it seeth eight or nine Pater noster whiles long, then put your yarne foorth, & put a little water in out of the Kettle, and then a few ashes out of the harth, and put your woollen yarne againe therein: and so let it seeth a good while, if it be a browne blew, it shall be a darke green, and if it be white woollen yarne, so it shalbe a yealow colour.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602