To dye woollen cloth sanguine.

To dye woollen cloth faire, yee shall first seeth good rye meale in faire water, and then put it in a faire tubbe or pan. Then cast faire water thereon, and let it so stand three days to cleere, then take of that water, & put therein two ounces of allom, to an elle of cloth, and let it seeth two houres long, then let it hang and coole without wringing. Then put that water forth of the vessell with the meale, and put therein a pound of the best grening weed, and heat that also, but let it not seeth, then put your cloth therein, & tosse it wel with your hands without seething, and take it forth and put it in a panne with faire lye, and let it lye therein, and so let it drie, and it wil be a red. If ye will make fairer, you must haue of brasill, take an ounce of Allom and allom it as aforesayd in another water, then seeth two ounces of Allom with that brasill, in branne water made, and as the brasill hath sod a while therein, so put therein of cold water, then take so much thereof out as will weat your cloth in, and stirre it well therein, then shall ye take of other die, untill the time that it hath sufficient ynough, if yee will haue the same a sanguine, lay it in faire lye of Sope ashes, and there it will haue a faire sanguine die.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602