To dye cloth with facet wood.

As ye will dye cloth with faucet Wood, ye must make your lye with Sope ashes of Denmarke, and raine water, which ye shall let stand three houres long, then seeth it, but the Wood must be first sod in the lye, and when it is soode, let it bee cooled with other colder and sharper lye, with the last lye yee shall put too one pound of yarne, a great peece of Allom, and put it therein. Then shal ye put that dye into a faire kettle or fatte, then take two ounces of Spanish greene, which ye shal soke therein two or three houres long, then tosse and push it up and down twice or thrise, and wring it, and with colder lye put therein, and tosse it with a dish too and fro. Also another manner is, take a dish full of unslect lyme, and quench it with water, then take too dish full of wood ashes, and mixe it with the chalke all together well, and thereof yee shall make a good strong lye, and let it three or foure times run thorow the tubbe, then take the faucet woad, and hew or cut it in small peeces, & cast it into the lye, and let it seeth therein halfe an houre long. Then put therein sope ashes, and let it seeth another good halfe houre, take it then off, & put thereto spanish greene, & let it boyle twise or thrise, and then spoonge it, also with three pound of faucet woad, it behooueth to haue two ounces of spanish greene, & as the cloth hath been in the first licor, if then it be too browne or too yealow, then put therto of wine ashes, & a litle allom.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602