To dye Linnen.

Ye shall first take to one stone of flockes fiue pound of sope ashes (which are called in Dutch Wee Asseen) of the best, with sixteene gallons of water, seeth it together an hour long, and then let it cleere one night, then gently poure of the uppermost thereof, and seeth your flockes therein one hour long, and then prooue if your flockes or silke be ynough sod, also take a little of your flockes in you hand, and thrust it hard to a redde cloth, also put it in your mouth, and if it goe by and by apart like a ripe apple, then it is ynough sod. Then spoonge it in faire water, and then put it in branne water, according to the quantitie of the woollen cloth, and seeth your Flockes therein, then put it out thereof, and take brasill and put it in water according to the quantitie of the linnen, that is to each elle of cloth foure ounces of Brasill, and as the brasil hath sod a while, then strayne the brasil thorow a cloth, and put it again into your Kettle, and your Flocks also, and let them seeth, then take a Ladle ful of lye and put it therein, thus shal ye make it as hye as you wil, and if ye wil haue it more hier, then put more lye herein, also for three pound of Flockes, take foure ounces of Allom, and seeth them together, and if ye wil seeth dyed Flockes, take lye of Sope ashes, as before it is written wich yee shall seeth with Sope ashes, then scoure it, and let it drie.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602