To make a redde carnation.

To make a redde carnation die, ye must die your white cloth, linnen or woollen, or silke yarne, to do it well, yee shall gall and allom it well. Ye must take an earbe called Foli in dutch, that shall ye finde by ditches & bankes, take a pound thereof that is drie, this is in tufts, and it is hote like wee-ashes and carnation in sight, therewith men doe make a redde carnation woollen cloth, with the greene or white, or of silke, and if any carnation haue lost his colour, or if any carnation haue lost his die, with that ye shall die it againe, that it shall not loose his colour, and to four elles of cloth, ye shall take a pound gruis, or of that hearbe afore named, which ye shal beate to powder, Then shall yee take lye made of Oke ashes, mixe a part therewith, and another part of cleere pisse cleere and old, of each like much. If ye will haue a light die, take pisse new made, and of the foresayd lye in like much, & therewith ye shall die, with the foresayd poulder put therein, and as it is sod, put in that which yee would die, and seeth it two hours long, and then let it drie.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602