A purple silke to dye.

When ye will die a purple silk, ye shall take to one pound of silke, 4 ounces of Allom, and seeth the Allom in common water, and lay the silke therein, and let it so lye four houres. Then take to euerie pound of silke, two pound of purple colour, & seeth it together as hereafter is written, which is, ye shall take halfe pisse, and half water together, and seeth it therein till it waxe cleere and faire, and then spoonge it in faire water. Also to each pound of silke it behooueth to haue foure ounces of Allom. Also for red silke to dye with crap die, so called in dutch, which ye shal dye with four pound of Allom, and also ye shall dye sanguine silke with allom, and also yealow ye shall die with allom.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602