Another way to dye Linnen in a faire rose

To dye a faire redde Rose colour of Linnen, yee shall take to euerie iiii yards and a halfe of Linnen, half a li. of good gall nots, and seeth them in faire water all whole, the space of 2. Houres. Then take it from the fire, & poure that water into another vessell or fatte, then put your linnen into the sayd water, and let it soke therein the space of foure houres, then take it forth and wring the licour well forth. Then take faire water in a kettle, and set it on the fire, and put therein a quarter of a pound of Allom, and when it is readie to seeth, take it from the fire, and put your cloth therein as soone as ye haue wrung and strayned out your gals aforesayde, but lette it drie a night before first, and then turne it well therein the space of a quarter of an houre. So take it forth and wring it well, & then seeth two ounces of Brasill in faire water, the space of two houres, then take that from the fire, and hange another kettle ouer the fire, and put therein gruys water, so warme it a little, and cast therin two li. of grening wede, then put your linnen cloth therein, and looke that no Allom haue beene in that water. Then let it lye therin halfe an houre, and stirre it wel with a staffe and then take out therof the said linnen, ye may then cast away the same liquor, and wash your kettle cleane, and put therein of the clearest brasill water, and let it wel colour therein. Then take your Linnen and wash it wel in faire water, then take of faire water in a panne, with a little Allom and so seeth them both together: and therein seeth your linnen cloth fiue or sixe Pater noster whiles. Then take out the sayd cloth and wring it well, and after that put the sayd cloth into the kettle of brasill water and therin ye shal turne and winde it wel, the space of a quarter of an houre, then take it forth and wring it a little, and in like wise you shall do with the dying of fustian, but unto your fustian you must haue two parts more of Verdigreace and Allom, and that your fustian must lye therin halfe a day and a night, then wring it forth, and let it drie, then after yee may rayse his cotton with cardes meete for that purpose: if ye will haue your Linnen more fairer, cast into the kettle with your said brasill, some lye made of white Lime, then put your cloth therein, then turne and wind it therein the space of foure pater nosters, and then take it forth thereof, and wring it well, and so hange it up to drie.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602