How to dye linnen or thread redde.

As when ye will dye any Linnen or thread redde, yee shall take one pound of samfleure, and let it soke halfe a day and a night in water milke warme, then put it into a thicke bagge or sacke, and therein wash and rince it in the riuer till the bagge be therewith red, then wring the water well forth, and so take out your samfleure, and spread it uppon a faire bord or Table and make (as it were) a little thinne bedde thereof, then strew thereon of white ashes, in making beddes of your Samfleure, and when ye haue strewed them with ashes, ye shall take to one pound of Samfleure, a quarter of a pound of ashes, which ashes must be burnt and made of the lyes of white Wine, and it must be wel chaft betwixt your handes, the one against the other, then make thereof a small heape, and so let it rest the space of fiue houres. Then shal yee rubbe it againe til it ware warme, then haue readie a faire bason, and sette it under your stuffe, that it may runne therein, and also wring out the iuyce thereof into the sayd bason. Then cast therein a pinte of wine vinegar that is verie good, then yee may put therein a pounde of yarne, and it shal doe wel. But to dye your Linnen cloth, ye shall put it in before your yarne or fustian. Then lay it therein a day and a night, then take forth your linnen or yarne, and then put therein a gallon of ashes of the Ashe tree, and thereunto your linnen, yarne or fustian, and so let it lye therein halfe an houre, then take it out and wring it as well as you can, then by and by hang it in the sunne, then take that water that ye soked first your Samfleure in, and strayne it (as aforesayd) into the bason unto the other colour, then put therein a glasse full of Vinegar, and then you may put therein your yarne, fustian, or linnen cloth, and doe thereunto as is aforesayd.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602