Another colour to dye a yealow with wood.

Take and set a pot with water on the fire, and make it warme. Then take ashes made of Oken wood, and cast thereof into the pot with water, and being warme take it from the fire, and stirre it well. Then cover it close till the next day. Then poure the clearest lye thereof throw a cloth softly into another vessell or pan, then take of good wood, and breake the rootes off, and then cut them small, then wash and rince them in cold water, & then put them into the lie, and there let them soke a night, then take and seeth it, till the halfe be consumed, and when it is wel sod, then all hot clense it thorew a faire cloth, then must yee haue of verdegreace wel and finely beaten into powder, and blend thereof with a spoone amongst your other stuffe, this must be done incontinent thereupon, and also your lye thereunto must be verie strong made.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602