To dye a faire yealowe.

If ye will dye yealow with wood, take off the wood leaues, and cut off the rootes, then cut them in peeces, and lay them to soke in lye of comon ashes three houres, then seeth it a quarter of an houre, till ye thinke it be meetely well sodde. Then put therein two quarts of water, and as much stale Urine of sixe dayes old at the least, so let them seeth together a little, then cleanse it thorow a siue, and then put unto the same againe, of lye and Urine as aforesayd. Then straine it thorow a faire cloth and seeth it, and to two pound of wood take two pound of Verdegreace, with the lye that ye have sod, your wood and al, putting them in your sayd colour, which must be medled and well stirred all together. Then shall ye boyle it all a little, and it shall be well.

Citation Type  Fabric Dye Recipe
Citation Year 1602