To take forth greace out of Silke, Veluet, Moccado or others.

Take and heat water and put a handful of cleane feathers therein, and then let it coole til ye may suffer your hand therein, and lay your silke abroad, and take your feathers and rub al ouer the spot, then rub thereouer with Castile sope, and then with your feathers again al up and down, weating them twise or thrise, and so rub it up and downe, then wring it a little and drie it in the sunne or wind: but if it be Veluet, after ye haue so rubbed it: the Veluet wil lye, then must ye take a cloth of woollen, and heat it, then annoint it light ouer with butter, and chafe your cloth together, to rub in that butter, then heate it a little, and rub your veluet up and downe therewith, and it will then rise againe, and be as faire as before. Then take the straight bones in sheepes feete that are sodde, and drie them and make them into poulder, with the which you shall lay on the spotted cloth layd in the Sunne, and rubbe this poulder thereon till it goe all forth.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602