Another way to take out all waxe, Rosin or pitch, on Silkes or other clothes.

First take of tallow or other greace (be it salt or fresh) and melt it, and being seething hott put thereof on your sayd spots of Waxe, Rosine, or Pitch, then take of hot licour, and hold your sayd spots therein, and then rubbe cloth upon cloth, betwixt your handes. So done, then wring forth the said greasie water, and if ye then see it will not be all cleane forth, serue it so againe, annointing your sayd spottes with tallow or greace, and then doe cleanse foorth the greazie water as before is mentioned. For this way hath beene wel and often prooued, and doth helpe.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602