How to take out spots of white silkes, or other colours.

Take of the best and strongest Aquauite three pintes, with the which you shal weat your spots, and take a new layd egge and beat it, and rubbe thereon your said spots. And so set in the sunne and let it drie in: this done, wash it then with a fresh and cleere water, and then wring or presse the sayd water foorth, or presse it betwixt your hands and so they shall be cleane, as for cloth in grayne, ye may wash the spots well with Allom water, then rub cloth unto cloth, and so wash it forth with cleane water againe, and it will be well. If it bee not at the first all cleane out: do so likewise againe, so long as ye shall see cause of any spots remaine, and so they shall be well.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602