A verie good way to take forth waxe or rosin dropt on silke, wollen, or linnen.

Whereas ye shall haue any such occasion to take forth waxe or Rosine dropt on any silkes, or other clothes. First ye shall make a pressing yron hote, or some siluer spoone, with a cole of fire therein, take either of them when they be hote, and first whereas any Rosin or wax is dropt, ye shall first rubbe on the sayd droppes of waxe or rosin all ouer with the end of a tallow candle, then take either your yron or spoone aforesayd, and hold it thereon, laying a peece of browne paper betwixt your yron and your wax, then after yee haue a little so touched it with the heate, (the waxe and tallow will mingle together, and soke into the browne paper) then take it off, and annoint it with the sayd tallow againe, and then hold your hote yron, or spoone, as before, and thus ye must doe, as often as ye shal see cause, untill it be all cleane forth. If the waxe be dropt thorow on both sides, use the one side like the other, and so ys the spotte remoued.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602