A good way to washe a shirt, and saue the Gold or silke thereon, from stayning.

Take a new shirt first of all afore it bee euer weat, and lay the coller and ruffes or silke in pisse somewhat warme half an houre space, then take it forth, and then wash it in hote scalding liquor, or seeth it, and it shall neuer stayne the silke. If ye haue not pisse, yee may take grounds of strong beere or ale, and let the silke lye therin the night before ye doe wash it. And this hath been oft prooued verie true. But alwayes ye must foresee, that ye hange not your clothes in the hote sunne after they be washt, but laye another cloth thereon betwixt the Sunne and it, or else the Sunne will chaunge both Golde, Siluer and Silke. Therefore it is better to hang them in some place of shade after their washing, if ye can. Also to sope your water to much, or your clothes is an occasion to staine both gold and silkes. A verie good way is, first to melt your sope in the licour, and then let it coole, and so to wash your clothes therin.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602