A pleasant water to preserue linnen, or any other thing, yeelding a pleasaunt sauour a long time after.

Take 2 pound of spike flowers, as much of rose leaues one pound of cost mary, with halfe a pound of marioram, as much of Balnea, two great handfull of Organy or peniryall, foure ounces of mace, a quarter of a pound of Arras poulder, let all these well soke together in red wine, then put it all into a pot close stopt that the ayre doe not passe. Let it stand so the space of foure and twentie houres, then let it be put into a distillitorie, and see that it bee well stopt (round about) with flowre, egges, and water, mixt well together, and see that no ayre doe come nor goe out, but at the spoute onely. Uppon the end thereof, ye shall hange a fine linnen cloth with a graine of muske or Ambergreace within it, uppon the which ye shall alwaies let the spout drop on, and yee shall see it will be a pure water for that purpose, ye shall also take to the distilling of the foresayd things, halfe a pound of baye leaues, so shall this water be good for the purpose as is afore mentioned.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602