Thinges to keepe moaths from clothes, verie good in summer and other times.

The flying moathes will bee in the beginning of June, and continue till August, but they are chiefly from mid July to mid August. The running moath hee will continue in your Chests all the yeare long, winter and summer, which are great spoylers of geare and other thinges. For the flying moughth, take the pouder made of drie Orange Pilles, and the powder of Elecompane rootes mixt together, and so cast it among your cloths, also perfume in a chafingdish of coales your clothes therewith. Thus you may use quarterly, and it will saue them. Or ye may take the powder of Arras, with the powder of Ginoper, also the powder of sitrinum cast among clothes, saues them from moathes. Wormewood or Lauendar small preuayleth. Some useth oyle of spike to annoint their Chests, and hang it in bladders therein. Some laies the hearbe called Fleawort, in Latin pulicaris, which if ye lay it in your chamber, no flea will breede, some takes brimstone, and perfumes therewith, but for the running moath I know nothing but strong perfuming, and remoouing your geare.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602