Another way to take out yron moles out of linnen.

Make a chafer seeth full of water, then take your cloth and wet it with the iuyce of Limons, or sower Orenges, or crabbes, or sower wildings, and then hold it hard to the side of the chafer, and euer as dryeth in, weat it still againe, till yee see the moll go forth: for all these things aforesayd are good, but the iuyce of Limons and Orenges are the best. So euer as ye haue weate your spottes with the sayd iuyce, hold it then hard unto the syde of the chafer, as is aforesayd, thus doe untill it weare away, for this way hath been prooued true often. Or take the boyling iuyce of Sorrell, and lay it therein, and rubbe it with the backe of a spoone till it be out.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602