A way to take out spots in scarlet or veluet, of what color or sorte so euer it be, not chaunging the colors.

Take a hearbe called of the Surgions Saponaria, in frenche called Foullons, in English sopewort, beat them oft, and take out the iuyce, and put thereof on the spottes, then let it so rest the space of one houre if it be in summer, but if it be in winter let it rest foure houres, then wash those spotty places with faire cleane water, so shall it be cleane to seeme too, but put once againe the sayd iuyce thereon. Also if the scarlet be not died in the cleare grain then ye may put thereunto halfe of blacke sope, with so much of the sayd iuyce, so mingle it together, and then frote it thereon, then let it be washt in luke warme water, and then ye shall see the spots cleane forth. For this way is prooued by experience to be true.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602