To make a sope to take out spottes of oyle and of greace.

Take of good scowring sope, and mixe it finely with the sifted ashes of a vyne, of eche in like portion, then put thereunto a quantitie of the powder of burnt Allom, and also of the lyes of wine, beaten into a fine poulder, and put it thereunto, then mixe and incorporate all these well together, then make thereof square brickes, or round bals, and when you shall haue made to occupie thereof, then take of warme water, and rubbe and chafe all ouer your spottie places, and then rub thereon with your sope ball, if then it bee not all cleane, then must yee take your warme water againe, and rubbe and chafe it as yee did before, and then your sope, and so at length ye shall haue it cleane forth.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602