Another good way to make cleane spotts of greace, out of all woollen clothes.

Take an hearbe called wood sorel, or subwort, which is greene, & groweth in woods in bushes & stubs of old trees, and hath three small leaues lyke a heart, it tasteth sharpe like other sorrell. Which hearbe ye shall distill in a limbec, and so reserue the distild water in a glasse very close, and when you neede to take forth any spot of greace, then take of the distilde water, and rubbe therewith all ouer the saide spots. Then chafe your cloth one upon another: so done, take a spoone or some other lyke thing, and take away the saide filthy water therewith. Then if it be not all cleane, do it likewise againe as before, with the distilde water warmed, & then ye shall see it will doe well, and shew fayre and cleare as it was at the first.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602