To take away all spottes on coloured clothes, be they linnen or woolen.

If there chance by fortune, to fall a droppe of ynke, or any other staine, upon any cloth dyed or colored, or being cleane white, woollen or linnen. Ye shall doe as hereafter followeth, that is: take of the iuyce of rawe Lymons, or the iuyce of a great Orang Apple, which hath a hard pill or skinne, which the Italian cals Pommes Dadam. Or if ye will take onely the egar or sharpe iuyce which is in the Pouncitron, and straine it foorth thereof, and with the iuyce thereof ye shall all to rubbe and chafe all the said spottie places, and then wash it with luke warme water, and so then scrape out all the filth thereof, with some spoone as aforesaid or wringe it cleane foorth with your handes. If at the first time peraduenture it bee not cleane, use it likewise againe the second tyme, as before, and so your cloth will come unto as good estate as it was at the fyrst, nor this shall not hurt any colour thereof.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602